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Applying online is simple

Our preferred option for submitting an application is online. You have two options to apply online. You can apply through the Planning Portal or Submit a Plan.

If you would prefer to download your application, you can send it through to us via email.

Please be aware that our service has moved to fully paperless working.  This reduces our carbon footprint and provides a more efficient and streamlined service.

Please note that there is no limit to the number of attachments you can add to your application but there is a limit of 10MB per attachment.


If you would like to speak to a member of our business support team before applying – please contact us on 0300 790 0580 or email us.

Application Types

Payment for your application

Once your application has been received and registered on our system. You will receive an email advising you of the fee for your application. 

Please note that our invoice will be sent out electronically. Please adjust your email account setting to accept an emaill from the following email address:

Please check your spam folder in case any incoming email is forwarded to it.

The easiest way to pay is to make a secure payment online.  Payments are made via Wokingham Borough Council Website.

Make a Building Control Application Payment

Our Charges

Application Expiry & Refund Policy

Payment for either an Application for Building Control Approval with Full Plans or an Application for Building Notice cannot be refunded if you decide not to proceed with the work.

If we have not been notified that the work has started and commenced on site within three years of the application being registered. The application will automatically be of no effect under Section 32 of The Building Act 1984.

If you still wish to proceed with this work a new application will have to be submitted.  This application will have to be submitted in accordance with the Building Regulation requirements applicable at the time of registration. This will require the payment of a further fee.

Where work has commenced and three years have passed since the date of our last inspection, the file will be archived on our system. If you require a site inspection after this time, you will need to request the file to re-opened in writing.  There will be a fee payable to re-open the file.



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