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How to find a trustworthy builder

Selecting a builder is a complicated process and the success of your project relies heavily upon it. To help, we have brought together our own advice and guidance; along with a video tutorial. We have also highlighted useful national websites and other tools below. We hope that you will find these resources valuable in making your decision. There are a number of resources you can take advantage of to ensure you locate the right builder for your project:


National Federation of Builders

Protecting your investment

Your chosen builder will also need to understand their own responsibilities when carrying out your work. Serious breaches of health and safety on your project could lead to construction work being stopped and additional work being needed to put things right. You may even be prosecuted in the most serious circumstances. Here are some points to consider:

Getting it in writing. It is strongly recommended that you use a formal contract, for example the Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT) Building Contract for home owners / occupiers. This will give you invaluable protection should a problem occur when the work starts.

Health and Safety may often be wrongly overlooked on a small domestic project. As a client, you have a number of responsibilities to consider this will include health and safety arrangements along with the competence of your builder. Visit the Health and Safety Executive website to find out what you need to know about health and safety if you're working on a building project.

One way of minimising your risk is to choose a developer that has registered in the Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS). The CCS is a national initiative set up by the construction industry to improve its image and encourage responsible conduct. Visit the Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) website for more details

Notice of commencement and completion of work

It is the owner's responsibility to ensure we are informed at the various stages of the work. If you are employing a builder, please ensure you both agree who will be contacting us to arrange the site inspections. Alongside an acknowledgement of your application, we will supply you with your own Inspection Plan. This will help ensure that you know exactly when you need to contact us.

Completion certificate

A completion certificate is issued at the end of the project, if we are satisfied that the works are in compliance with the Building Regulations. Please ensure that a completion inspection is carried out before your builder has left site. The certificate will be provided as part of a final successful inspection, but further or replacement copies will be subject to a charge. Please retain and keep your certificate safe. Your solicitor will require it to be supplied if the property is to be sold at any point in the future.

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