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What are Competent Person Schemes?

Competent Person Schemes were introduced by the Government to allow installers to self-certify their work. This is instead of getting building regulation approval.

Various trade bodies have taken responsibility for registering competent persons who meet their own standards. Registration is voluntary with the exception of GASAFE. However, if work is undertaken by a person who is not registered, it is necessary to submit a Building Notice application to Building Control and incur a charge.

A number of schemes exist.

To find an installer registered with a Competent Person Scheme or check that your chosen installer is registered. Please visit and enter your postcode or the name of the installer in the relevant search box.

What happens next?

An installer registered with a competent person scheme is qualified to carry out specific types of work in accordance with the building regulations and will deal with building control issues for you.

You will usually have access to insurance-backed warranties and a robust complaints procedure to use in the unlikely event that work is found to be non-compliant.

An installer registered with a competent person scheme will notify us on your behalf and will issue you with a certificate on completion. This can be used as proof of compliance. It will also show up on a solicitor's search when you sell your home.

If you do not use a registered installer you will have to submit a building notice or full plans application and pay a fee to building control for inspection of the work you have carried out.

How to find a registered competent person

For electrical work, visit the competent persons register.

For roofers, visit competent roofers.

For all other types of work, contact the competent person scheme operators.

An installer registered with a Competent Person Scheme must tell the Council when work is complete. They will do this through their scheme operator. They will send you a Certificate of Compliance.

Please contact the Competent Person Scheme operator If you do not receive your certificate within 30 days of completion. They will be able to help you.

Where can I find my certificate?

If you need to find a copy certificate for Competent Person Scheme work carried out to your property. You will need to know who and when they carried out the work as well as the scheme operator. You should then contact their Competent Person Scheme operator and request a copy certificate. 


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