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What to do if work is already complete

If you've carried out work without building regulation permission, you may still be able to make an application for a Regularisation Certificate. Doing so allows us to consider work which has been carried out and completed, without the submission of plans or giving notice at the time of the works.

What happens if I do work without approval?

We have to ensure that building work complies with the regulations. We have powers of enforcement to make sure that this happens. If the work doesn't comply, you may be asked to alter or remove it. Visit the Planning Portal website for an explanation of what happens if the requirements of the building regulations aren't met by a development.  

Working without approval can also affect the sale of your property. We provide information to companies undertaking land search enquiries, and evidence of work completed without approval may prevent or complicate the sale.

Why shouldn't I just do the work without telling you?

You should avoid taking this route as:

Even if you do gain a Regularisation Certificate, it doesn't remove our powers to take enforcement action should we find it necessary to ensure your safety or that of the public. You should not assume that applying for and receiving a Regularisation Certificate will make you safe from enforcement action, although this is less likely to happen where you do so. As such, it's always better to gain permission before proceeding with work than to simply apply for a Regularisation Certificate retrospectively.

What do I need in order to sell my property?

If you sell your property, you will almost certainly be asked to provide a Completion Certificate for any work done to which the building regulations apply. You may have difficulty completing the sale if this is not available. It is important to note the difference between a Completion Certificate and a Full Plans Approval Notice:


You are under no obligation to make an application for a Regularisation Certificate. And we are under no obligation to accept it. Steps to making an application:

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