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Where to find Building Control records and certificates

The simplest and quickest way to find historical building control application information for a property in West Berkshire or Wokingham Borough is to use our online search facility below.

These provide details of historical building regulation applications within both authorities.

To Search the information, you require the Application Number and Property Address. You may also carry out a search for a series of applications by street name.

Information held on the online register

West Berkshire Council - From 1995 to 2018

West Berkshire Council Application Tracker on the West Berkshire Council website 

Guide to Application Codes (pdf document)

Wokingham Borough Council -  From 1993 to 2018

Wokingham Borough Council Application Tracker on the Wokingham Borough Council website 

Guide to Application Codes (pdf document)

If you require information relating to an application submitted from 2019 onwards, please use our general enquiry form and a member of the support team will respond to advise if we hold any details relating to the property.

Copy Building Control Documents

We receive a high volume of requests to help locate copy documents when you are looking to sell your property.

Copies of Decision Notices and Completion Certificates are available at an additional charge.  Please see our miscellaneous charges for details.

We recommend that you firstly search the relevant authority's archive online register to confirm that we have received an application for the property concerned. You may then choose, between our standard response of 10 working days or; on the payment of an additional charge; receive copies of any relevant notices or certificates within 48 hours

No Building Control Records

If you have searched our records and we have no record of the work that has been undertaken at the property, and the work was undertaken after 11th November 1985, you may be able to apply retrospectively. Our video tutorial also explains the process.

Please Note - our online search does not replace a full Land Charges search provided by the two partnering authorities and Building Control Solutions take no responsibility for errors/omissions in the information returned via our online search. 


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