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Applying for Building Control

There are three types of Building Control applications you can submit:

Full Plans

This is the most detailed option. You can choose this method for any domestic building work as well as commercial, office and industrial developments. When your building work meets these standards, you will receive a completion certificate for the building work.

Building Notice

A building notice is used for smaller projects. Unlike full plans, you do not receive formal approval; but may be required to submit additional information i.e. structural or thermal design calculations.

Apply for a Regularisation Certificate (unauthorised work)

This is retrospective approval and is only used for work that has already been carried out; but without consent. You can only apply to your local authority building control service for a regularisation certificate. You can only apply for this certificate for works which have been carried out since 11 November 1985.

How can I submit my application?

Visit the Submit-a-Plan Local Authority Building Control (LABC) Portal website to submit your application and detailed drawings electronically (with at least one accurate dimension)

You can also track the progress of your current application within Submit-a-Plan, all you need to supply is the application number (e.g. 17/0001) or alternatively the property address.

Alternatively, you may email your application directly to:

BCS application forms:

Please note, in response to the National Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection outbreak; BCS is unable to accept hard copy applications for the forseeable future. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause you.



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