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About Building Control Charges

Before you build, extend or convert your property you or your agent must advise your local authority either by submitting either a Full Plans Application or a Building Notice Application.

Charges for a Full Plans Application can be split into two stages. The first stage is the plan charge, which is paid when you submit your application. The second stage is the inspection charge, which is paid as soon as work commences on site and you will be invoiced for this. 

With a Building Notice Application you pay the full charge when the application is submitted.

Building Control is a self-financing service. Unless the work undertaken is intended to provide certain facilities for disabled people, we are required by law to charge for our services to recover our costs - these services are not funded from your Council Tax. These charges are set at a level to cover the cost of the service, so the applicant only pays for the service they need.

When charges are not payable

Charges are not payable:

Establishing your charge

There are two approaches to establishing the charge for building work.

Standard Charges - these are outlined in our Standard Charges Tables (PDF document) and Charges Guidance (PDF document)

The majority of domestic extensions and alteration work will generally attract a charge which falls within our standard charges tables. If the charge for your building regulations work is not listed as a standard charge it will be individually determined.

Our standard charges have been set on the following assumptions:

Individually Determined Charges - can be sought by a no-obligation quote

Individually determined charges relate mainly to commercial projects or larger domestic schemes and include all other work that is not listed in our standard charge tables.

Miscellaneous Charges

In addition to the Charges explained above, payable in connection with Building Regulation applications, there are also a number of Miscellaneous Charges that Building Control charge for a range of services.

Please be aware that our charges have increased with effect from Friday 1st April 2022.

Seeking Assistance

Charges can, on occasions, be complicated so if you need any clarification please phone our Support Team on 0300 790 0580, who will be happy to provide assistance.

The correct charge will need to be paid before we can validate your application. Unless the correct payment is received, the application will not be legally deposited and cannot be registered. Building works cannot start until an application is accepted and registered. We will confirm this in writing.

Please note that payment for either a full plans or a building notice application cannot be refunded if you then decide not to proceed with the work.

All charges are based on the assumption that the person undertaking the design and construction work is competent. If not, there may be additional charges payable.

How to pay

We are able to receive payment for submitting applications by:

Inspection charges

Inspection charges may be paid online with a credit or debit card. Agents should ensure their clients are made aware that an inspection charge will be invoiced when building work starts on site and how much that charge will be. Our acknowledgement letter will confirm this charge. A completion certificate will not be issued until the inspection charge has been paid in full.

Regularisation applications

We will assess regularisation application charges individually. They are available on request and are usually based on an individual fee proposal.

Exemptions for works for disabled people

Work undertaken solely for a disabled person is only exempt from charges if it meets specific requirements. Please check with us before submitting to avoid a delay in processing your application.

Charges are not payable for some work that solely benefits people with disabilities in relation to dwellings:

Please provide a copy of the approved grant letter provided by environmental health or a letter from your occupational therapist indicating your disabilities and reason for the work.

Complaints about charges

If you have a complaint about your level of charges, you should initially raise your concern with the relevant officer. If you feel that your complaint has not been satisfactorily answered, please contact us at:




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