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Reporting a dangerous structure or building

The Local Authority Building Control team are responsible for dealing with dangerous structures and unsafe buildings in West Berkshire & Wokingham Borough areas.

What we consider a dangerous structure

We do not deal with everything that is unsafe, for example:

However, if the danger relates to trees, pavements or public highways, please use the following on-line forms:

For West Berkshire:

For Wokingham Borough:

How to report a dangerous structure or building

If you think that a building has become a danger to the public, Call us on 0300 790 0580 between 8.30am to 5.00pm.

You can also email us:

When reporting a dangerous structure please provide as much information as possible including:

What happens after you have reported a dangerous structure to us?

Once we have received the report of a dangerous structure, we will assess the information provided. If necessary, our surveyor will visit the site to inspect the structure and to decide what action needs to be taken to remove any danger.

We may put barriers around the structure or close roads to protect people's safety while the owner of the building arranges to make the structure/building safe.

If we consider it an immediate danger and likely to collapse, our surveyor will arrange for the danger to be removed or repaired.

In these cases, we work closely with the emergency services as well as other organisations, such as the Heath & Safety Executive, Environment Agency and the Local Authority Highways Department.

The owner of the property is legally responsible for the condition and maintenance of their property and will be expected to take all such necessary steps to prevent danger to the public. Reasonably incurred expenses as a result of any works we carry out will be recovered from the owner of the property.



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