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Reversion Applications

Legislation allows Approved Inspectors to carry out the building control function. They submit an Initial Notice to the Council. This removes the Council from any obligation to control the work. Approval of the work is subject to the Approved Inspector's control.

In 2019, several Approved Inspectors were unable to secure necessary public liability and professional indemnity insurance cover. This meant they were no longer able to operate as an Approved Inspector. 

Please check the Approved Inspector Register on the CICAIR website for current details of insurance.

As a result, the Approved Inspector is unable to carry out their functions. They or the person carrying out the works must cancel the Initial Notice submitted to the Council. If work has already commenced, the work must, by law be passed back to the Council to ensure compliance with the Building Regulations.

Next steps

When work is ‘reverted’ to us in this way, you need to provide us with as much information as possible. This helps us to determine that any works undertaken comply with the regulations. All Councils must charge for this work. This fee will be based on the project and the time we will need to satisfy ourselves of compliance with the Building Regulations.

Any information you have will also be of great assistance.

We may ask for certain works to be uncovered for our inspection. It will be our aim to keep this to a minimum.

We appreciate this matter will be of great concern. We aim to help you through the process so that you receive your Completion Certificate and have building works that comply with the requirements of the Building Regulations.

Please also note that dealing with reversions from Approved Inspectors is a statutory duty of the Council. The Approved Inspector’s ability to trade and the issue of any fees previously paid are outside our control. Complaints related to the behaviour of any Approved Inspector should be directed to the Construction Industry Council Approved Inspectors Register (CICAIR Ltd).

Please note a person failing to submit, a cancellation notice, in the case of an Approved Inspector no longer being able to carry out their building control function, is liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding level 5 on the standard scale.

Application process

Initial information to be provided for the Reversion Application:

Cancellation of Initial Notice Form (PDF document)

Cancellation of Initial Notice Form (Word document)

Reversion Application Form (PDF document)

Reversion Application Form (Word document)

You may also need to provide:

In order to make a Reversion Application, you will need to arrange for a surveyor to visit site. This will assess the work and what will need to be done to achieve compliance. We will aim to work with you to ensure works can be approved and certification issued.


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